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Meet Kyira Wackett.

Artist. Speaker. Coach. and Boss. Ass. Babe


I am so excited you came to visit me and that we can spend a little more time together! And congratulations on taking the next steps to make the changes you want in the life you lead.

Are you ready for it?

(^^If only Taylor Swift was singing this part to make it more dramatic)

What do I do?

I help people move from chaos to calm in their lives and empower them to live a life authentic to them and free from “shoulds” and “supposed tos”


By helping you figuring out how to work with your fears, get rid of shame, communicate like a boss and more wisely invest the limited number of fucks you have.


Because we all know what it feels like to play and live small. I’m done doing that.

It’s not enough to dream of the lives we want. We need to get in the ring and fight for them. And I know what it feels like to do that alone - which is why I am here. So you don’t have to.

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