Time Management


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

It is crazy to me this book was first published 15 years ago and continues to have this much of a following - AND that is because it works!

My husband read this book a few years ago and talked about the life changing ways it impacted his thinking about their “to dos”. I am newer to the GTD mentality and am loving all of the nuggets that I have already picked up only part way through.

The newer publication has had some tweaks and additions based on cultural context and modern concerns & fears.


“Values Exploration” Webinar

Format: Webinar authored by Kinda Kreative, LLC

Info: Our values are at the core of all we do. Motivating our behaviors, guiding our dreams and connections, what we place a value on reflects in who we are and the lives we lead. However, it is all too common for our true values to get bulldozed by the pressure of shame, fear, negative self talk and negative core beliefs. This leaves us feeling burdened by the pressures to conform and meet the expectations of those around us (whether real or perceived) and often correlates with increasing disconnection with our true values. Identifying the role these negative influences have played in our lives and getting clear on the values that align with our authentic self are imperative to living a life in which we can thrive. 


Values Exploration Exercise

Format: Worksheet authored by Kinda Kreative, LLC

Identify the values that you hold true in your heart and that we can turn to as fuel sources for your goals, intentions and dreams. Understanding your WHY is crucial to living in authenticity and your values are what sets the tone for every step we take. 

A deeper exploration of the topic of values and other resources can be found in the “Values Exploration” webinar, here.



The Ziglar Show Episode 672: Q&A | What can you delegate, automate or eliminate, with Michael Hyatt

Format: Podcast

Info: Love this interview with Michael Hyatt, author of ‘Free To Focus’ talking about elements of productivity and the system he outlines in his book, Stop, Cut, and Act.


Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, & Sharen Your Creative Mind; Jocelyn Glei

Format: Book

Info: Tools & supports for creatives and entrepreneurs in a 24/7, always “on” workplace.


Get It Done Guy; Stever Robbins

Format: Podcast

Info: Productivity tools & systems to help you “work less, do more, and have a great life.”

Some of the podcast episodes include, “Consolidate Your To-Do List with a Weekly Review”; “How to Deal with Overwhelming Overload”; “3 Steps to Perfectly Organized Files”; and “Forget Multitasking: How to Get Things Done with Parallelism”


Organize Tomorrow Today; Dr. Jason Selik

Format: Book

Info: How do both elite athletes and business leaders climb to the top? Contrary to what you might think, it's effective habits rather than innate talent that are their keys to success. Dr. Jason Selk—director of mental training for the 2011 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals—and star business coach Tom Bartow combine the most effective elements of both their disciplines to offer an organizational improvement plan that anyone can learn and apply immediately.