Why Work With Me?

Because I am real. I have experience, stories, expertise and knowledge that tell a story and make change accessible for those I work with. I embody my message and walk the walk I ask others to take, sharing my own growth and struggles as a way to model community and empower people to courageously show up to their lives.

I never position myself as the “fixer” or the one with the magic answers. My job is to model vulnerability, promote curiosity and shine a light on the path to growth and evolution, not to sell you ideas, services and products that ultimately lead you back to the same place. I firmly believe that longlasting change requires hard work, discomfort and both a willingness and wilfulness to show up and will walk with you through every aspect of that change.

This is more than a job for me but an opportunity to effect and enact change in the world, one ripple at a time. Given that, I show up with my whole heart and will do whatever I can to help you get rid of the roadblocks in your life so you can thrive - whether that is personally, professionally or as a whole.

And the other thing? I am a straight shooter. In addition to never selling you snake oil or blowing smoke up your ass, I don’t bullshit nor do I try to sell myself as the “right fit” for everything. Because I am not. That is not my job. My job is to know my brand and my niche and to do it really well.

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How Do We Get Connected?

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