Public Speaking


What types of speaking/workshops do you offer?

I offer a variety of options including hour-long talks and addresses, a variety of different workshops that can range from 2 hours to a full day, and different delivery options including more didactic, lecture style to intensive workshops. My goal is to work with you to meet your needs and maximize your time and resources.

What Are My Focus Areas?

  • Living a More Authentic Life

  • Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  • The Intersection of Fear, Vulnerability and Freedom

  • Minimalism (in all of its forms)

  • Intention vs Perception vs Reality

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Forgiveness

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • ...and more!

Download a current menu of talks I have available right now for you to bring in to your facility! They can be done as solo presentations or in a series.

Public Speaking Topic Menu

Interested in something else? No worries! Contact me and let's talk - and as always, if I am not the right fit for it, I will help you find someone who is!

What Led Me Here?

I have always been an effective communicator. One of the things I value most in this world is the ability to connect with others and I firmly believe the only way to do that is to invest in the development of a communication style that is warm and nonjudgmental and yet clear and direct - a hard balance to strike. Throughout my personal and professional experiences, I have taken the opportunity to develop this skill in any way possible and am comfortable knowing I may not always get it right, nor will I be the one able to connect with everyone. However, the more people we have working to create that sense of connection and helping people feel heard and valued in this world, the more opportunity for growth, love and increased self-esteem we all have. I truly believe this is a calling for me and I am beyond excited my dreams have taken hold in my reality. We all have greatness destined inside of us and I am excited about the opportunity to help you uncover and celebrate yours!

Why Public Speaking?

Everyone learns and engages in different ways and I think one of the unique things about public speaking is that you have the opportunity, as a speaker, to deliver content in a way that is conducive for people with a variety of different learning styles to find value in and engage with the content. Through the use of visual aides, hand-outs, small group discussion and personal reflections woven in throughout the oral presentation, I find my talks to be effective across a wide range of audiences and create an environment where people can feel comfortable delving into the topic because they are supported in the learning environment.

Who Have I Worked With?

  • Creative Gym

  • WI Department of Health & Human Services

  • UW-Whitewater

  • Starlight Learning Center

  • NAMI Wisconsin/NAMI National

  • Madison Public Libraries

  • BRAVA Magazine

  • SCORE Madison

  • American Family Insurance/DreamBank Madison

  • Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs

  • Erectors Inc. Construction Company

  • Portland Center Stage at the Armory

  • ...and more

Why Work With Me?

I think the important point to make is that I am not going to be the right fit for every audience or scenario - nobody is. But it is more important to me that you get your needs met rather than sell myself to you. If I am not the right fit, I am committed to helping you find other resources as well. My goal in every talk I give is to take my audience on a journey and while each of us may be starting from different points, we can all move forward together, uncovering new facets of ourselves, awareness of others and a developing sense of humility and curiosity through which we view the world. With the infusion of self-disclosure, research and skills as a developing therapist, I guide the audience through an educational and motivational event developed in a format to leave people with tangible next steps towards living a more authentic life or creating a more supportive and effective environment.

To get a feel for my presentation style and content delivery, check out a few clips from some of my more recent talks:


How Do We Get Started?

Contact me today to so we can get connected and see what possibilities there may be for us to work together!

Donated Services?

Community support is extremely important to me. As such, I offer up to 10 talks/workshops per year for free to support local** organizations, non-profits, etc. Interested in applying to be considered? All applications for the 2019 year are due by November 15th, 2018. Fill out the application form here.

**Note, I reside in Portland, OR. Donated services must be within a 30 mile radius OR delivered in a virtual format.