We all know that sleep is important. In fact, without adequate sleep, our mental and physical health deteriorates rapidly, impacting our daily functioning and sometimes putting ourselves and others at danger. And the problem, is that with poor sleep hygiene, many of us have been living for so long with chronically poor sleep, we don't even realize the impact it is having on our daily lives. For this and so many other reasons, I have invested a lot of personal and professional time in learning about sleep and ways to improve our sleep hygiene! See some of the products that help me and the people I work with.

Oh and if you want to learn more about why sleep is important (and why you should get the hell off of your phones at night), check out this article from Johns Hopkins.

From massage tools, bath salts, and oils to support the digestive track. These are tools I find helpful for me in managing my everyday stressors as well as supporting the focus on relaxation and self care.

I have struggled so much with the notion in our culture that only kids or people with severe attention issues or trauma can benefit from fidget toys. Everyone has distress and everyone of us has a mind that sometimes needs to be centered or eased. These options are tried and true by me, my clients and loved ones in my life of all ages and sources of distress - you have the right to use tools to support you when you need them so check out some of the ones that might be of best use for you!