Level Up


A group coaching series designed to amplify your communication skills both personally and professionally.

What do you get?

  • 8 online group-coaching sessions led by a Licensed Professional Counselor and entrepreneur

  • Closed, intimate group capped at 10 attendees so you can be sure you get ample time to share and connect as well as create a safe space to share about your questions, worries and concerns.

  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions, materials and resources.

  • 2 BONUS sessions on “Digital Storytelling” and “Branding” led by experts in their respective fields.


  • Time: Tuesdays from 12-1PM PST

  • Dates: June 18th through August 20th**

  • Platform: ZOOM (online format)*

*All workshops will be recorded and uploaded to a password protected website along with all resources and materials so that you have lifetime access to the information.

**If you cannot attend at least 50% of these sessions LIVE, please do not sign up for these sessions as the beauty of group coaching comes from the expertise, wisdom and ideas shared by all of you.

Schedule of Trainings (Tentative)

  • Week 1: Communication Basics

    • Types of communication - verbal and nonverbal

    • Identify your communication style and the role shame, intersecting identities and implicit bias have played in their development

    • Identify the role of self talk in our overall self esteem, self efficacy and outward communication

    • Homework: Negative self talk (webinar)

  • Week 2: How to think, talk and act assertively both personally and professionally

  • Week 3: Implementation Call

  • Week 4: BONUS CALL

  • Week 5: How to both say “NO” and respond when others say “NO” or disappoint you

    • Homework: Understanding & Communicating Your Boundaries; Setting up boundaries for your business, with your loved ones, and managing your time

  • Week 6: Being Assertive in Passive Communication

    • Learn when/how to use various platforms assertively and effectively including texting, email, website, etc

  • Week 7: Implementation Call

  • Week 8: BONUS CALL

  • Week 9: Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Week 10: Wrap Up Implementation Call

Other homework and assignments TBD.

What will I get out of it?

Exactly what you put in to it. My job is to show up and give you the opportunity to invest in yourself. I provide the expertise, facilitate discussions and create a path for you to take to live your best life. It’s your choice what you do with each of these opportunities. I will push you as far as you will allow me and will walk with you through the growing pains in front of you.

Can’t you just give me a magic formula to “fix” everything?

No, and stop buying magic cure-alls claiming to make everything better in a few steps. They are all bullshit. Change takes a long time and consistent, hard work! PLUS, anything written for EVERYONE helps NO ONE.

YOU are the expert on your own life and if you are trying to use a vanilla product in your blue moon flavored life then you are only going to your flavor!

Is it worth it?


Hell yes! Nuf said.

What’s the cost?

The value of this package is $947. AND, it brings me joy to create opportunities for people to invest in themselves. That being said, I am running a special on this series at $447 for the WHOLE series!

PLUS, with your purchase, you will get 1 FREE copy of the “Be Bole. Be Brave. Be You.” Therapeutic Workbook and Coloring Book (a $30 value).

PLUS, FREE ACCESS to ALL webinars on Kinda Kreative, LLC website (valued at $10 each)

Okay, I am ready!

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