Week 6 — Assertive Communication in a Digital Age


Discussion Points:


  • Understand and uncover the role that passive communication plays in your life including email, text, social media and more.

  • Identify when and how to use assertive communication in responses and initiating conversation with others through these passive communication means.



  • Webinar Handout


  • Create a system optimization plan for your technology given your reflection questions and discussion with your partner (see below). Begin to implement and communicate with others.

  • Complete “Setting Boundaries” Webinar

    • Purpose:

    • In order to access the webinars, go here. Add the desired webinar into your cart. When you go to check out, you will enter “LEVELUPWEB”. Complete your “purchase” and an email will be sent to you with the access code.

  • Complete partner reflection questions:

    • Reflect on the following questions:

      • How do I want tech communication to work for me personally? Professionally?

      • How can I best communicate this with others?

      • What boundaries have to be set up ahead of time?

      • Where may I struggle with this? How can I address that?