Week 1 - Communication Basics


Discussion Points:

  • Types of Communication (Self Talk; Verbal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, and Technical/Passive)

  • Influences on Communication Style

  • Intersecting Identities & Implicit Bias

  • Impact of Communication on Identity

    • Self Efficacy; Self-Esteem

  • Role of Self Talk in Communication Style, Confidence and Relationships


  • Identify the main types of communication including verbal, nonverbal and technological

  • Identify your communication style and the role shame, intersecting identities and implicit bias have played in their development

  • Identify the role of self talk in our overall self-esteem, self-efficacy and outward communication

  • Establish a baseline of your communication patterns and where you see gaps and holes that may contribute to distress in everyday life


Supplemental Materials:

  • Workbook pages 42-43: “The Flower that Blooms Amidst Adversity is the Most Rare & Beautiful of All.”

  • Workbook pages 68-69: “Our shell was built over time to protect us. It cannot be taken down on a whim.”

  • Workbook pages 84 (“Be comfortable in your own skin.”) and 90 (“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”)


  • Complete “Addressing Negative Self Talk” Webinar:

    • Purpose: This will allow you to better understand the role of negative self talk in our everyday life and the impact it has on our self-esteem and communication with others. Tackling this will be one of the major components of lasting change in your communication.

    • In order to access the webinars, go here. Add the desired webinar into your cart. When you go to check out, you will enter “LEVELUPWEB”. Complete your “purchase” and an email will be sent to you with the access code.

  • Complete “Inside vs. Outside” Activity

    • Purpose: To determine the disconnect between your public self and your private/internal self. Where have you found yourself performing or trying to uphold a certain image with others and in your various roles? By identifying these discrepancies, we can begin to shift towards a more authentic presentation and alignment of the internal/external self which will allow your communication style to become less influenced by interpersonal relationships and external factors to facets connected to your values and authentic self.

  • Partner Reflection Questions

    • What is your primary verbal communication style?

    • What do you see as being the biggest barriers to or influences that effect your ability to be assertive? How do your current relationships play into or effect your communication?

    • What fears do you have about being more assertive?

    • What is one take away you got from this lesson? How will it help you move towards your goals?