Identity Development

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Assessing Your Investment of F*cks

Identify where you are investing your time, energy and money and assessing the role of those investments in living a life in your values and with the greatest return on investment (ROI)


The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck; Sarah Knight

After watching Sarah Knight’s amazing Ted Talk, I bought this book and found her words inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining.

We only have so much emotional currency to spend every day and if we continue to spend it on things that do not bring us joy, keep us rooted in shame or stuck in the toxic cycle of chasing external validation and the right to be deemed “enough”, we will ensure a life of misery and disconnection.


Values Exploration Worksheet

Identify the values that you hold true in your heart and that we can turn to as fuel sources for your goals, intentions and dreams. Understanding your WHY is crucial to living in authenticity and your values are what sets the tone for every step we take. 

A deeper exploration of the topic of values and other resources can be found in the “Values Exploration” webinar, here.


“Self Branding: Uncovering & Communicating Your Authentic Self” Webinar

Through a series of exercises and discussions we will work to uncover who we are at our core - what we value, who we want to be and how we want to live our life - and explore ways to move past fear, cultural pressures and societal norms in order to live a life more in line with this and discover ways we can invite others to get to know us on this more intimate level through our 



Inside vs Outside Identity Activity

Who am I really? Who is the “me” I share with the world? What differences lie between those and how does that serve me? Explore this and begin to align these two versions of self.


Determining the Real Risks Worksheet

A tool to help you think past uncover the role fear plays in your decision making and explore alternative possibilities so as to help you get out of your own way and do the things you long to do/make the hard choices and changes in your life.


“Values Exploration” Webinar

Our values are at the core of all we do. Motivating our behaviors, guiding our dreams and connections, what we place a value on reflects in who we are and the lives we lead. However, it is all too common for our true values to get bulldozed by the pressure of shame, fear, negative self talk and negative core beliefs. This leaves us feeling burdened by the pressures to conform and meet the expectations of those around us (whether real or perceived) and often correlates with increasing disconnection with our true values. Identifying the role these negative influences have played in our lives and getting clear on the values that align with our authentic self are imperative to living a life in which we can thrive.