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PDX Workshop Series - Part 1

  • Friggs Mercantile 2809 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Portland, OR, 97212 United States (map)

Join me in the journey to self-exploration, where we will explore hard topics and get curious about the way these things show up in our lives. While the topics are designed to go together, they are each set up to be stand-alone topics so that if you cannot make all 3, you are not missing anything you need to take the next step on your own journey!

March 7th - Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: The Intersection of Fear, Vulnerability & Freedom

  • Learning to live authentically with joy and passion lies in the ability to understand and embrace our deeply rooted fears, vulnerability and freedom. Join me on the path to self-discovery as she uncovers the ways in which we inadvertently let our fears guide our lives, and in turn, stifle our ability to grow. We will explore ways to shift your perspective and see fear as a tool that can help us shift our narrative to a more authentic life with limitless potential.

April 4th - Moving Through Shame: Understanding It's Development, Impact and Ways to Move Past It

  • Shame is a a universal experience taboo to discuss in our culture that leads us to believe that we are not “good enough". Silence allows it to build inside of us, leading to the development what Brene Brown calls “Strategies of Disconnection” or interpersonal defense mechanisms to manage the intensity of the pain. These defenses act as self preservation but keep us in the stickiness and cyclical feeding of the shame, leading to mental health challenges, interpersonal conflicts, complacency and lack of self efficacy. Join me in learning about shame - what it is and how it develops, along with ways to recognize strategies of defense in your clients and selves. From there, we will build our capacity to face and find healing from our shame stories and develop a sense of resiliency to protect us from future threats. 

May 9th - Living a More Intentional Life: Are You Busy or Just Plain Stuck?

  • Join me for this community workshop exploring the impact of living such "busy" lives on our overall well-being. Through a mixture of didactic learning and interactive activities, we will look at your values and passions and see how they align with your current lifestyle as well as think about ways to shift our lifestyle from one that is busy to intentional and fulfilling.

Sessions run from 6:30-8PM though I will be around after 8 to answer questions and connect more with you should you desire. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink - please just be sure to pick up after yourself. And all you need for the workshop is yourself and a writing utensil.

More info and to purchase tickets, go here.

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