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Behavioral Health Training: Shame - It's time to start talking about it

I am so excited to be leading this training through the UW Green Bay Behavioral Health Partnership Program. Interested in learning more?

“Shame is a universal experience taboo to discuss in our culture that leads us to believe that we are not ‘good enough.’ Silence allows it to build inside of us, leading to the development what Brene Brown calls “Strategies of Disconnection” or interpersonal defense mechanisms to manage the intensity of the pain. These defenses act as self-preservation but keep us in the stickiness and cyclical feeding of the shame, leading to mental health challenges, interpersonal conflicts, complacency and lack of self-efficacy.

Join me in learning about shame - what it is and how it develops, along with ways to recognize strategies of defense in your clients and selves. From there, we will build our capacity to face and find healing from our shame stories and develop a sense of resiliency to protect us, as practitioners, as well as our clients. We will also take a deeper dive into practical changes to make to interviews, intakes and the services provided to people in crisis to think about more comprehensive and inclusive responses that consider both their and your own shame narratives.”

Earlier Event: September 30
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