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Minimalism: Finding Clarity in a Messy Life

  • Alicia Ashman Public Library 733 North High Point Road Madison, WI, 53717 United States (map)

Life is a junk drawer with new baggage getting thrown in every day. And while many of you are probably thinking, "yeah I know my house could use some decluttering", I don't just mean the physical baggage. Absolutely, living in a culture of consumerism has a dramatic impact on our life but what is tied to all of the "stuff" and has an even bigger impact is the emotional and mental clutter that takes hold in our life. Old fights unresolved, regret, anger, resentment...these insidious figures seep deep into the cracks of our life and even when we think we have cleaned them from the surface, they persist and it is not without more deep work and self-reflection that we can begin to let go of their grip. Let's come together and create a deeper awareness and talk about skills to begin to uncluttered this emotional and physical baggage.