Learn to speak with confidence, creativity & connection


  • 8 weeks of didactic learning and education

  • 2 Individual 45-Minute Coaching Calls with Kyira Wackett (Founder) including opportunity to present and get direct feedback

  • 2 Lighting Talk sessions with every participant giving an 8-10 minute talk with opportunities for group feedback and celebration (each member gets to do 2 talks)

  • Closed, intimate group capped at 10 attendees so you can be sure you get ample time to share and connect during live calls as well as create a safe space to share about your questions, worries and concerns.

  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions, materials and resources.

  • Weekly summary emails

  • Assigned accountability partner from the course with weekly reflection questions to support you in your check ins.


  • Time: Digital, trainings released weekly on Sundays by 8AM PST

    • Individual Coaching Calls scheduled for weeks 3 and 8 of the program. Morning, afternoon and evening options will be available. If you would like, I can record the calls, including your presentation so you can have access to the video for your training and personal advancement

    • Lightning Talk Calls are held on Weeks 11 and 12; Afternoon and evening calls will be scheduled for each of these weeks. All talks are recorded live and will be housed on the website for you to review at a later time. I will also record each individual presentation for you to have a copy of your video to use in your personal advancement.

  • Next Course Offering: April 2020; more info coming soon - email me if you would like more information

  • Platform: ZOOM (online format)*

*All workshops (live and pre-recorded) will be recorded and uploaded to a password protected website along with all resources, homework and materials so that you have lifetime access to the information.

Schedule of Trainings

  • Week 1: Crafting the Story - Part 1

  • Week 2: Crafting the Story - Part 2

  • Week 3: Individual Coaching Calls (LIVE)

  • Week 4: Developing the Content - Part 1

  • Week 5: Developing the Content - Part 2

  • Week 6: Creating the Visuals & Materials - Part 1

  • Week 7: Creating the Visuals & Materials - Part 2

  • Week 8: Individual Coaching Calls (LIVE)

  • Week 9: Perfecting the Presentation - Part 1

  • Week 10: Perfecting the Presentation - Part 2

  • Week 11: Lightening Talks (LIVE); Monday at 7:15PM PST and/or Tuesday at 12PM PST

  • Week 12: Lightening Talks (LIVE); Monday at 7:15PM PST and/or Tuesday at 12PM PST

Homework will be assigned every week. Ultimately, it is optional whether or not you do the work AND, not doing the work will set you up to get very little in return from the course.

What’s the cost?

The value of this package is $1547. AND, it brings me joy to create opportunities for people to invest in themselves. That being said, for a limited time, I am offering this course for just $647! Yep. You saw that right. I am taking $900 off for you to make this even more accessible for you!

PLUS, with your purchase, you will get 1 FREE copy of the “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.” Therapeutic Workbook and Coloring Book (a $30 value) and FREE ACCESS to ALL webinars on Kinda Kreative, LLC website (valued at $10 each)

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General FAQ

What will I get out of it?

Exactly what you put in to it. My job is to show up and give you the opportunity to invest in yourself. I provide the expertise, facilitate discussions and create a path for you to take to live your best life. It’s your choice what you do with each of these opportunities. I will push you as far as you will allow me and will walk with you through the growing pains in front of you.

Can’t you just give me a magic formula to “fix” everything?


No, and stop buying magic cure-alls claiming to make everything better in a few steps. They are all bullshit. Change takes a long time and consistent, hard work! PLUS, anything written for EVERYONE helps NO ONE.

YOU are the expert on your own life and if you are trying to use a vanilla product in your blue moon flavored life then you are only going to your flavor!

Is it worth it?

Hell yes! Nuf said.

Still have a few more questions? Email me at info@kindakreative.com or give me a call at 414-217-2985 and let’s chat!