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Subjective Units of Distress Scale

A tool to help you identify what the range of distress (anxiety, anger, depression) you experience looks like for you in terms of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical experiences while matching coping skills and supports to each degree of distress. This tool is helpful not only for you but for supports in your life.


Determine the Real Risks

An tool to help you think past uncover the role fear plays in your decision making and explore alternative possibilities so as to help you get out of your own way and do the things you long to do/make the hard choices and changes in your life.


Thought Record

A tool designed to help you look at how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all linked like a domino effect and play into each other. Trigger situations activate these cascades which are usually controlled or influenced by fear, shame and distorted thinking. In order to challenge these automatic cascades, you need to first identify them and then work to challenge them with more balanced, rational thoughts.


Values Exploration

Identify the values that you hold true in your heart and that we can turn to as fuel sources for your goals, intentions and dreams. Understanding your WHY is crucial to living in authenticity and your values are what sets the tone for every step we take.


Inside vs Outside Activity

Who am I really? Who is the β€œme” I share with the world? What differences lie between those and how does that serve me? Explore this and begin to align these two versions of self.