Put me in coach…


Are you ready to play the best game ever? It’s called:


Pretty awesome, right? And all you need to play is an open mind, willingness and the right coach!

Why a coach? Coaching is truly about being both the instructor and the cheerleader in your life. It is about working with you and helping you envision and attain the life you want to live. Because, let’s face it, we all know we can get in our own way WAY too easy!

What do I coach people on?

The short answer:


I help people know what they want and who they are/want to be and communicate that with the world.

The long answer:

Communication is the lifeblood of all we do.

From the way we (usually negatively) talk to ourselves to the ways we communicate both verbally and non-verbally with the world around us, it becomes crucial that we know how to communicate in ways that allow us to thrive in our lives rather than feel consumed by it. Our world is riddled with chaos and overwhelming societal pressures to perform; it’s easy to feel as though you are getting lost in the shuffle and wonder how your life is aligning with your true authentic self. Shame, guilt and fear are powerful forces that can lead us to an overflowing, busy and yet stagnant life. Rather than living, we wear a mask, performing our part each day and communicating a version of ourselves incongruent with the world around us and the “who” we want to be or are. We begin to exist rather than thrive and feel weak for not being able to unchain ourselves from these insidious controllers.

Letting go of these pieces is not easy AND it is possible and oftentimes, requires us to be vulnerable enough to ASK for help, knowing we are not alone in this fight to uncover and reclaim our true selves through the tools of communication and clarity.

Types of Coaching Currently Provided

There are 4 tracks available, depending on your goals and interests:



  • Set goals and priorities based on your dreams and values

  • Improve your sleep hygiene and get better sleep and rest

  • Manage your time more efficiently and feel less “busy”

  • Understand and relinquish the role fear and shame have played in your life



  • Set boundaries that both empower you and allow you to thrive personally and in your relationships

  • Assert your needs and wants

  • Manage conflict without resentment. fighting and sarcasm

  • Get the sex life that works for YOU

  • Say “NO” when you want and need to



  • Identify & Negotiate your worth (time, money)

  • Balance risk management and risk taking in pursuit of leveraging your skills and value in the career you want

  • Manage your time and set goals that focus on your interests and pursuits

  • Assert and maintain boundaries

  • Communicate more assertively and authentically through technology (social media, email, etc)


Public Speaking

  • Speak with confidence and authority

  • Translate your knowledge and skills into transmittable tools and takeaways for your audience

  • Use humor and self-disclosure to enhance your presentation

  • Use slides and handouts to add value to your presentation rather than distract

  • Use tools (ex. clickers) without fumbling or distracting from the focus of the presentation - YOU


What does coaching typically look like?

Coachng packages are offered in 3 or 6-month bundles.

Sessions are conducted using Zoom and frequency ranges from every 1-4 weeks, depending on need and service package purchases. This is something we determine together and make sure it is the best fit for you to get the resources you need AND do the work in between sessions.

Calls range from 45-90 minutes depending on our goals, subject area and schedule and you will have the opportunity to give me feedback in a variety of ways throughout our time together to make sure we keep the focus on your goals and dreams. The length of call is determined by myself with call length not a factor in price build out.

Access to my online webinars and both discounts and free access to various resources, trainings, and content is available to all coaching clients, opportunities and freebies increasing in accordance with contract length.

Each contract is uniquely crafted* and I do not start any coaching relationship without first setting up a FREE consultation so we can both be sure this really is the best fit for the work you want to do!

*Note: Unlimited emails and texts are included in every contract. More info on this discussed at time on contract.

Interested in working together?

Fill out this interest questionnaire helping me learn a bit more about what you are looking for, etc and I will be in touch to set up a FREE consultation call/chat within 48 hours in order for us to determine if we are the right fit for each other.

Will this be easy?

NOPE. It requires work, trust and patience. AND I will walk beside you and help you sort through these different pieces and experiences that have consumed you. I will ask you the hard questions and work through the muck with you as you take bold and courageous steps towards living a more intentional and authentic life. You already have the power, it is just my job to help you tap into it. 

Can’t you just give me a magic formula to “fix” everything?

No, and stop buying magic cure-alls claiming to make everything better in a few steps. They are all bullshit. Change takes a long time and consistent, hard work! PLUS, anything written for EVERYONE helps NO ONE.

YOU are the expert on your own life and if you are trying to use a vanilla product in your blue moon flavored life then you are only going to your flavor!

Is it worth it?

Hell yes! Nuf said.