Put me in coach…


Are you ready to play the best game ever? It’s called:


Pretty awesome, right? And all you need to play is an open mind, willingness and the right coaching program!

Coaching is truly about being both the instructor and the cheerleader in your life. It is about working with you and helping you envision and attain the life you want to live. Because, let’s face it, we all know we can get in our own way WAY too easy!

What do I coach people on?

The short answer:

Authenticity. Communication. Connection.

I help people know what they want and who they are/want to be and communicate that with the world.

Since beginning my training both as a therapist and coach, I have come to see 3 main areas of focus people continue to seek support and training in - assertive communication, public speaking and living a life they enjoy. It’s no surprise. Most of us grow up without ever really learning how to effectively communicate, especially without allowing emotion to drive the bus. We are filled with “shoulds” and “supposed tos” and celebrated for conformity and passivity. We learn to exist in a realm of “predictable shittyness”, longing for a life we can connect to while fearing the very pervasive threat of being disconnected from the world we have performed in for so long.

Each of my courses are designed to help you expand your thinking and learning beyond these cultural norms, biases and expectations that have been painted around us as boxes to exist within. They are designed to allow you to gain greater clarity on the influences on your life and how those influences may have created different barriers to “success” (in whatever that means to you), giving you tangible skills and application strategies to rewrite your narrative in a way that lets you be the leader of your own story.

How do I do that?

Using online group coaching programs which include a mix of online learning, live implementation calls/videos and individual coaching sessions. Each program focuses on finding a balance between individual growth, reflection and exploration while building a community of support to help you extend your learning and ideas beyond the limits of this course.

Coaching Programs Currently Available


Level Up

Amplify your communication skills by becoming assertive and letting go of the shame and pressures we have held on to for too long.

Length: 10 weeks

Next Course Offering:

9/30 - 12/6



Master the art of public speaking and learn to present with confidence, creativity and the ability to create authentic connection.

Length: 12 weeks

Next Course Offering: TBD; April 2020; more info coming soon


Clarity Compass

Learn to invest your F*CKS — time, money, energy — more wisely and gain a greater return on your investments so that you can live a life you enjoy.

Length: 10 weeks

Next Course Offering: January 2020; more info coming soon


Uncover the role shame has played in your life and build an arsenol of tools to use to create a life within which you are no longer shackled to it.

Length: 6 weeks

Next Course Offering: TBD; February 2020; more info coming soon


Do you offer individual coaching?

Yes. I offer a very limited number of individual coaching slots to individuals seeking more in depth support/training. Why? Because there is so much power in the group process and I don’t want to not give you the opportunity to learn from and share with each other. Plus, it becomes a more cost effective way to meet your goals and create the life you want.

Interested in learning more or reaching out to see if this might be a good fit?