There is nothing better than getting a card in the mail (well, almost nothing better). Taking time out to write someone a note rather than just relying on Facebook to tell you when someone’s birthday is or sending a text can go a long way. When I get a card, it shows me people thought about me long enough to sit down and dedicate time just to honor our relationship.

Whenever I would set out to look for a card, I never really found cards that best suited my style and really captured what I wanted to say, and so, I started my own line! Check out all of the cards/styles below and snag a set for yourself to bring back the art of the handwritten note/card. Note, cards can be purchased online in 5or 10-card packs. You will simply select the bundle option you would like and then in the comments section, list the card names (phrases) and the qty (Ex. Sorry - 2, I’d be muffin - 3). Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days.

Not seeing the right card for you? I love to create custom cards and would be honored to make a design that works for you! Digital files/rights and print versions optional for custom designs.

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Thanks for Your Support.jpg
You're a pretty rad parent.jpg
Thanks for Raising Me.jpg
Shit Just Got Real - Baby.jpg
Congrats You Made a Tiny Poop Machine.jpg
Sending Positive Vibes V2.jpg
Congrats - Adoption.jpg
Shit Just Got Real - Ring.jpg
Happy Challah Days.jpg
Happy Hanukkah.jpg
New Cat Card.jpg
New Puppy.jpg
You Only Fail When You Stop Trying.jpg
Dad Yoda Best.jpg
A Toast to the Happy Couple.jpg
Id Be Muffin Without You.jpg
I Really FIggin Love You.jpg
Have a Narly Birthday.jpg
Hope Your Birthday Is Incredible.jpg
I Love You A Little Smore.jpg
Just Keep on Truckin.jpg
Thank You For Your Service.jpg
Never Stop Taisin Da Roof.jpg
Let Your Dreams Take Flight.jpg
May Your Days Be Merry.jpg
Spectacular Christmas.jpg
Without You - Unbearable.jpg
You Are Enough - Version 1.jpg
You Are Enough - Version 2.jpg
Cut Yourself Some Slack.jpg
Damn Youre Old As Shit.jpg
Hap-Pea Birthday.jpg
Explore More Worry Less.jpg
Get Butter Soon.jpg
Defy Gravity.jpg
Get Whale Soon.jpg
It’s About The Journey .jpg
It’s Uncertain And That’s Ok.jpg
Youre a Perfect Match.jpg
Let Your Light Shine.jpg
Seasons Greetings.jpg
For The Record.jpg