Authenticity and vulnerability are at the heart of everything I do. AND, getting to the point we can be curious without judgment, explore without fear, and truly get to know ourselves is no small feat. These books have been my major supports as I attempt to make that journey and I hope you will find that they can be of help to you on your journey.

A collection of books I have used in my personal and professional life to better communicate with myself and others. The way we talk to ourselves and those around us really matters and by optimizing our approach, we create more energy and connection to move forward in the direction we choose in our lives.

Books to help you better understand neurological processing - how your brain works and how it can effect you - and some supportive workbooks to manage some of those distressing mental and emotional struggles including anxiety, worry and motivation. (Cross listed in Professional Resources)

Here are a list of some of the books I highly recommend for people suffering from or treating people with eating disorders. Workbooks, memoirs and theoretical texts comprise this list of resources. (Cross listed in Professional Resources)

One of the most complex experiences anyone can experience, trauma alters us at our core. Take a look at some of the books I use to support clients and loved one's working through their own trauma as well as have found helpful in my own healing. (Cross listed in Professional Resources)