Stop Apologizing In Your Emails

We have all done it. We took a day or two to send a response or to call someone back and immediately open with:

“Dear Mel,

I am so sorry it took so long to get back to you!…”

Trust me, I get it. We feel bad that we didn’t respond or pick up the phone right when the recipient wanted us too. AND, every time you apologize, you perpetuate the notion that we are all at each others beck and call and that nothing “should have been” more important than responding to their electronic communication. Fuck that.

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Setting Goals You can Acheive

I love talking about goals and think the implementation of “SMART Goals” is fantastic. This methodology gives you very practical and tangible application points to think about when setting your goals so that you can be successful in your endeavors. AND, with so many clients I work with, there is still a major disconnect between setting and completing the goals. Why?

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Words Matter

Remember that saying:

“Sticks and stones may break my back but words will never hurt me.”

I call BULLSHIT. What we say to each other matters. What we say to each other sticks with us, informing our core beliefs, fueling shame and leading us to constricting labels and judgments about ourselves that shape who we become.

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Why Does Being Authentic Matter?

In one of my recent presentations on self-branding, an attendee raised the question about the true detriment to not living “authentically, besides not being happy”? They continued on to explain their thinking in that happiness isn’t always something people want to strive for and is in many ways fleeting. At first, to be perfectly honest, I was not prepared to answer the question so I turned it to the audience and gave them a little time to reflect on their own thoughts and reactions while I gave myself some time to sort through the depth of the question…

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Who Am I?

I spent years wondering who my dad was. An only child to a single mom, I always wondered what it would be like to truly answer the question, “What would your parents think?” or “What’s your dad like?”. I got good at evasion - giving just enough of an answer people never really knew that secretly I longed for the answer of what he would think. What would he have done if he knew about me? Would he have cared? And would I be different?

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