How is that thought serving you?

We have all gotten stuck on a thought — ruminating on a particular point until we feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

“I should have said ‘X’.”

“Why didn’t I do ‘Y’'?“

“They probably think I am so stupid.”

Anxiety often thinks it’s being helpful when it keeps bringing things to your attention. “See, this is important” it says, keeping your line of sight right where it wants you to. The problem with that is that anxiety has a very narrow scope of focus. Like a toddler who spots the Lucky Charms and all they can do is think about needing the Lucky Charms, your anxious brain feels like all it can do is think about this thought.

But is it really helpful?

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Relax? Haha...okay! Let's try this instead!

Anxiety is a bitch. It truly is. And when anxiety and distress show up, they activate our fear-brain (referred to in my last blog post) which shuts off all of our executive control and function.

But, for any of us who have been there, we all know that these thoughts, feelings and behaviors can consume us if we don;t figure out some way to shut it down and get our brain off of this hell-ridden ride.

So, what can we do?

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