Inspire Me

Inspire me.

Inspire me to be better.

Inspire me to fight harder.

Inspire me to love myself fully

Rather than 'Only if...'.

Stop showing me how to perform and pretend -

Killing every ounce of my individuality

And reinforcing the belief I already hold so deep -

I, alone, am not enough.

Not enough.


I see you.

I see your abs.

I see your calorie counting, posed photos, and joyless existence.

The world sees you.

And what's worse, they believe you.

They believe your smiles.

They believe your carefully crafted photos

Are a true symbol of the wonderous life you must lead.

I’ve been there and don’t want to back.

You want to believe it is worth it.

You want to see the top of the mountain

But don't realize it has been a mirage all along.

Over time, you lose yourself.

The lies fester within you.

The fear haunts you.

The constant pretending consumes every breath.

You are wandering in a sea of pretenders,

All clinging to the same ridiculous notion -

'If I can just stay here for a little while longer...'


The problem is that this pedestal you created

Keeps you chasing what is already there.

You are enough simply by being.

You are enough simply by existing.

You are, simply, enough.


Show me true work ethic.

Show me how to fail.

Show me a smile that has not been manufactured.

Show me how to fight for something that matters.


Show me flaws are beautiful and dont have to be hidden

And that happiness is about more than a number on the scale.


I lived in the shameful shadows of imperfection for too long.

Starving, purging, shaking, ruminating...

Selfishly chasing an idealized symbol of beauty and perfection.

Stop trying to sell it to me again; I can't afford to buy it.


Inspire me.

Inspire me with your bravery to walk away from a life of lies.

Inspire me on the days I can't fight it myself

By reminding me that I, alone, am enough.

And so are you.