Haters Gonna Hate


One of the best things I think I have adopted in my life is the complete and utter embracement of the fact that people will always find a reason to judge you for being you! Whether it is jealousy, their own discomfort or just persistent negativity flying out their mouth, people love to bring others down. 

I spent too much time bowing down to their hatred and have finally built up the confidence to embrace everything that is me and realize what they think of me is none of my business! Flex your negativity muscle all you want, ain't nobody got time for your shit! 

And for everyone else who has succumbed to this pressure, I am with you - it is a hard fight to pursue, especially when the hate comes from those closest to you. But I ask you, how is that hate serving you? How is their negativity building you up? Cause my guess is that all it is doing is perpetuating silence and conformity and you DESERVE to be seen and heard! Do you and as long as you can do that with love, compassion, and kindness, then fuck the rest of the people who dont want to see you thrive!