Let's Get Down To It.

Before we can work towards change and growth, we have to generate insight and for so many of us, it starts at getting to know the deepest depths of our relationship with ourselves. Where is that? Our core beliefs.

Many of you have heard me use this term before. Core beliefs, or the beliefs we hold about ourselves, the world and our place in it, are the base points from which all the rest of our narrative is created. These beliefs are a foundation for communication, self-esteem, shame, managing distress, time management…and more. What we belief to be true about ourselves is the theme in the book of our lives and so, to begin to understand and take control of writing our own story, we have to get down into the weeds of our inner most selves…(read more)

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What's wrong with being confident?

For too long, the only thing I was confident about was that I would never be able to be confident being myself. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop feeling perpetually less than? Confident in who we are. Rooted in ourselves and unfettered by the words, norms and expectations of others. 

Well, in short, it IS possible. AND, it takes a LOT of f*cking work!

I have been on a quest for confidence for over 20 years and feel like I am just starting to figure out the steps to actually feeling it versus pretending I do to get through a moment or point in time. 

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