“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.”

Therapeutic Workbook & Coloring Book

I have been visualizing and working on this book for SO LONG!!!! What started as an idea...honestly, more like a dream...is now here! Blending my passion and expertise as an artist and therapist, I am finally able to offer a therapeutic workbook and coloring book that allows self exploration and hard work along with self care!

9 Chapters

47 Coloring Book Pages

41 Workbook Pages

What made me write this book?


What sets this book apart?

  • The blend of self care (coloring book pages) with self-exploration (therapeutic workbook pages)

  • Wire-O-Binding allows all pages to lay flat when you are writing or coloring (no annoying curling of the book/pages)

  • Thicker weight paper allows you to use pens, pencils, and/or markers without bleeding and decreases likelihood for tearing

  • Each workbook page/section can be done on its own and in no particular order

  • Each coloring book page has a powerful quote or mantra on it that then connects to the workbook pages

FAQ Section

What are the topics covered in the book?

The chapters include: Love & Relationships; Patience & Trust; Social Justice & Advocacy; Adversity; Courage; Perseverance; Change & Growth; Individuality; Worth & Value.

Why these?


Can I make copies?


What is the cost?

$30 + Shipping. Discounts available for bulk orders.

What age levels are appropriate for this book?

This book is appropriate for ages 13+ though is ideal for 16+. Note there are a few curse words used within the book.

“I’ve bought books like this before and they just sit.” OR “What if it doesn’t work?”


Is this book like doing my own therapy?

I do not recommend using this book in place of therapy. This is merely a tool in our toolkit that empowers us to take hold of our lives and can DEFINITELY be used in conjunction with more intensive therapy!

What can I expect from this book?

You only get out what you put it. MEANING, if you force it, rush it or haphazardly complete the workbook, it will seem like total crap. Like anything worthwhile in our lives, it takes work and an investment of our time and energy. Therefore, you have to be willing to invest! Not ready for that? No worries, just give yourself some time and come back when you are!

Okay I bought it. Now where do I start?


Ready to take the next steps in your journey to authenticity, self-love and growth?

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