My name is Kyira Wackett. I'm a creator and explorer seeking to unlock the beauty of the world around me. Currently, I live in Portland, OR where Is am still unlocking the potential and beauty of the city every day.

In my personal and professional practice, I aim to live as intentionally and authentically as possible and think curiosity is the best place from which to approach life.

As a public speaker, artist and therapist, I believe the beauty is in the experience of the journey and revel in every opportunity I get to connect with someone in my community, for connection breeds expansion and the more we expand our worlds, the better we can support each other.

And while I believe learning about credentials are a vital part of uncovering the skills of an individual and whether or not you want to work with them, I think even more crucial is getting to know someone's personality and getting a feel for how you mesh with them. TBH, I know a ton of people with a shit-ton of credentials whom I would NEVER want to work with nor would I trust them working with anyone else close to me. Credentials merely elevate the person but at their core, it is the person we look to connect and work with.

As with that, welcome to my website - my form of self expression - which presents you with everything you need to know about my resume and all the facets of who I am and how I pour them into the work I do.

I built this space on the notion of being able to share and invite people along on my journey towards self exploration and hopefully inspire others to take a deeper look at themselves and build momentum to start living the life they want. Change and self-exploration are hard. Too many of us get caught in the search for certainty in a world full of ambiguity and possibility that we end up paralyzed by conformity, setting up shop in our comfort zones. If you like it there, then stay. But I find that usually, by the time you have stumbled on my website, you are searching for something more and are looking to feel safe, or at least supported and empowered to take those next steps.

Throughout my website you will find various resources, ideas, and opportunities that will allow you to take that step in your journey to authenticity and empowerment. The reality, tho? You won’t make it anywhere near the outskirts of “Comfort City” without putting in work, sitting in the ambiguity and trusting the process. You cannot move forward without feeling like you pulled the rug out from under you.

Now, I invite you…take a look around. Explore the possibility of making sustainable and life-fulfilling change. Work with your fears rather than run from them and take the hold of the life you truly want.