Relaxation & Stress

Relax Massage Oil

I have tried a ton of different massage oils but always find they are too oily (yep that is a thing) or absorb too quickly or the smell is either too weak or strong - and no this is not a Goldilocks poem where I tell you this one is "just right". But I think it is a really good oil. I use it frequently when I am rolling out or rubbing sore muscles, especially my neck and jaw where I get TMJ flare ups and I love the way it feels on my skin and especially the calming smell. It is my favorite massage oil to use with the thumbsaver and scraping tools I talk about below too.

Dr Teal's Epsom Salt

In reality, Epsom salt is Epsom can buy it anywhere and sometimes off brands are significantly cheaper than this (which I go for deals too when the quality is not too different). But the reason I love this brand and slurge for it every few months is that you can get scents like Lavendar or Eucalyptus without having to spend a ton of money on the essential oils themselves (which you tend to not use too much of anyway).

If you have the oils already or dont like the smell of lavender when taking a bath, for sure, get the lowest cost Epsom salt! But if you are like me and like to take a "fancy" bath or foot soak and the smell helps you relax or calm down, then this one is my absolutely favorite brand!

Thumbsaver Massage Tool

When my husband first showed me this tool he bought from Amazon, I wondered which direction the conversation was going to go (don't lie, the name and appearance seems weird to you too). But after he showed me how to use it when rubbing your back or legs or even feet, I was immediately in love. It helps you be able to create a much deeper pressure, especially when working on trigger points on the body, without having to exert as much energy and it also runs really smooth (especially when you use your favorite massage oil) across your muscles so it doesnt catch or push too hard in one spot. This is now my go to every time Jordan asks me to rub his back or when I need to get deeper into my own muscles - especially my back or my neck.

Throat Coat Tea

In reality, the real push here is if you like tea, drink it! Any kind :) There are so many types and kinds and, I have heard that, for many people, some teas can be helpful in combating a variety of health issues (something you would want to talk to your doctor about if you think it may have an impact on you). For me, drinking tea is a way I ensure I stay hydrated - water gets "old" after awhile - but as someone who works as a "professional talker", it is also important my throat doesn't get soar or dry from overuse. Throat Coat tea has proven to be the best tea for me in terms of the flavor and effect on my throat throughout the day - and believe me, I have tried dozens of types of tea. The licorice root and fennel are fantastic flavors and almost mimic a honey coating feel on my throat. Plus, if you want to add a little local honey, you can not only help with your throat but also help desensitize you to local allergens.

So again, it is not about buying this specific tea - just drink tea if you like it and it helps you stay hydrated or soothe your throat. And if you are like me and had a hard time finding a good one for you that helped your throat stay moist and lubricated, try this one :)

Scraping Massage Tool


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Double Lacrosse Massage Ball


Peppermint Oil Capsules