Meet Olivia Baum


Meet Olivia Baum. A marketing and digital studies student at UW-Madison by day and social media guru by night. When she isn’t studying for accounting midterms, Olivia enjoys surfing social media and looking up body positivity trends to see what areas have potential for growth. As a future marketer, Olivia’s goal is to transform the advertising industry so that people don’t compare themselves to models or lose sight of their own beauty.

Where did your creative journey start?

I like projects. In middle school I’d stay up for hours adding artistic effects to my PowerPoint presentations and try to make it exciting for the class. I have always enjoyed being creative digitally whether it be designing homecoming t-shirts for my high school, editing photos for my class’s yearbook, or designing my family’s Christmas card. Starting out with an idea, designing it online, and receiving the printed, polished product is fun for me.

How did you get into this work?

Coming to college as pre-med, I soon realized science and medicine wasn’t my calling, but that I could make a difference in another industry, marketing and advertising. Once at college I quickly jumped at marketing and design opportunities. I became my sorority Alpha Xi Delta’s Public Relations Vice President my sophomore year. I managed a council of eight positions related to marketing and public relations including social media chair, publicity chair, alumni relations, and more.

In summer of 2017 I took on a marketing intern role at the Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin in Appleton, WI. This was my first major exposure to professional marketing and learned how to use a business social media page and look at the analytics behind posts. Right now, I am the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at the Psychology Department on campus and have had many fun projects including creating a #GetPsyched social media campaign and designing posters to promote events.

When was your first exposure to body positivity?

One of my best friends developed an eating disorder during our second year at college. It was hard for me to understand and I felt like I didn’t have the tools to be there for her. I got mad. I got mad that this happened to her.  She’s healing now but I started to do research on how media and the images we see directly affect how we view ourselves. Within marketing I hope to transform the industry and push companies to use body positive images representative of the entire population.

What made you want to be a part of the #ReclaimBeauty project?

Once I heard about this project I immediately wanted to get involved to learn more about body positivity and help make an impact. I am truly inspired by all the amazing work that’s been done and I hope my social media and marketing work will continue to bring awareness to the campaign. There are some amazing people contributing to this project, and I look forward to all the future relationships that grow from this experience.

Tell us more about your work? What got you into it?  

I have always been techy and the go-to person in my family to fix our computer. I think digital media is truly fascinating and I think it’s crazy the internet itself has been around for less than 30 years. It is an exciting field to get into as trends are always changing, social media sites come and go, and hundreds of apps are created daily. More and more companies are realizing that in order to reach their audiences, they need to be present on the internet. With marketing and social media, I’m able to combine two of my interests, business and art.

What sets you apart from other digital marketers?

I think my drive to learn sets me apart in the marketing industry. I’m always reading and listening to what is changing in the digital world. I will always have a hunger for digital information and turn to search engines, social media, and influencers in order to get answers.

How can people learn more about your work or get connected with you?

Please connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook. I love making more friendships!