"I’ve always carried with me a great sense of confidence as well as a great sense of awareness to my body.  I’m able to separate my personal confidence from that of how my body makes me feel, however when I look in the mirror (which is very rare) I hear an inner voice that isn’t as kind as my confident self would allow. When asked what area I feel most self conscious about it took a while to pinpoint exactly what body part that would be.  I know what others would probably think my “problem” areas would be so that is what I chose to be photographed; waist and hips.  However, now that I sit and write this I realize I just chose those areas because if you look at my body that’s what others would perceive as the least desirable.

I’m honestly not ashamed or embarrassed or self conscious of any part of my body, because let’s be honest…I don’t have to look at it.  But I do have to feel my body.  I feel at my best both physically and mentally when I live my life according to what I want and that’s waking up everyday doing what makes me happy which ultimately makes my body and mind happy despite how my body may look.  It’s a simple combo of things; hang out with my hubby, friends, and my cats as well as people with a good vibe all while laughing and drinking wine.  I literally do that every day and my body reflects that happiness.  If my waist and thighs reflect that lifestyle then we’re doing pretty good.”