I Am Beautiful Because...

What makes you beautiful? Submit your response today and join the fight to #reclaimbeauty!

"...I am loving and generous. Plus, when I laugh, my eyes laugh too and I get huge dimples!" (Heather)

"...I am tall enough to help others get items off the top shelf at the grocery store." (Lindsay)

"...I find the courage to love myself even amidst criticism and doubt. I am more than one person's opinion and will continue to thrive because I believe I have the right to and deserve to live the life I want." (Anonymous)

"...I know I am inside and out--no matter what other may think" (Meg)

"I have always struggled with body image issues, whether it's my oily skin, my varicose veins or my cellulite... it's always there, because they are part of me. This project, along with several other positive body image campaigns out there has changed me. So, because of you, Kyira Hauer and many others I can say this:
I am beautiful because I allow myself to have emotions (good and bad). I allow myself to question things that confuse me or don't feel right. I stand up for what I think. I challenge myself to be informed and self aware. I allow love to rule me. I am beautiful because I am stubborn, creative, silly and passionate." (Rebecca)

"...I challenge myself every day to be the best version of myself I can be and strive to help others see the beauty in all that they are - inside and out." (Anonymous)


"...I keep fighting, in the midst of fear and uncertainty, for the right deserved by all to feel beautiful whole and fully in their own skin." (Anonymous)

"...I make myself vulnerable to stand up for what I believe in." (Annette)

"...I possess the courage to fight for my dreams, the confidence to wear the clothing that shows who I am on the inside, the passion to make art, the drive to help other people, and because I never leave home without my greatest accessory, my laughter." (Sara)

"... find the courage to keep fighting the darkness." (Ryan)

"...I am finally able to stand in the mirror and see more than flaws. I have found the courage to seek out my purpose, my value, my beauty and I am loving it." (Connor)

"...I strive to be genuine." (Kathryn)

"...I embrace my differences instead of trying to change them." (Colleen)

"...I have learned to love my body for all it can do and what it is rather than spend time hating it for what it could never be. I have taken myself out of the race to get inside the box and found the beauty all around me that exists outside of those 4 arbitrary walls." (Anonymous)

"...I choose to define beauty by inward qualities such as courage, character, kindness and sense of humor." (Anonymous)

"...I am tall enough to help others get items off the top shelf at the grocery store." (Lindsay)

"...I understand doubt and fear and self loathing are conditioned feelings and experiences in our culture and that I do not have to hold on to them anymore. I can allow myself the possibility to soar." (Anonymous)