#ReclaimBeauty Documentary

It's official! The #ReclaimBeauty documentary is HERE and will be premiered May 15th at the Marquee at Union South in Madison, WI. More details about the event and info on how to RSVP can be found here.

2017 Updates:

We successfully funded our Kickstarter project and will begin filming our documentary in the next few months! A giant thank you to all of our donors (listed below). What exactly are we filming?

A documentary where we will showcase 5-7 people's stories - each with various intersecting identities (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, etc) and from different cultural backgrounds that will be shown in school and community settings. Interviews will focus on the impact of culture (family, school, community and society as a whole) and media on one's perception of beauty and their ability to celebrate their own beauty. We will also discuss their journey in establishing their sense of self, the impact of their identities on their perceptions of themselves as beautiful, and how they have worked to overcome obstacles, asking about the messages they have for their younger and future selves. Special attention will be placed on how they have, will and hope to celebrate and nurture their beauty and create a ripple effect in the world around them.

In conjunction with the film, there will be a viewing manual complete with a discussion guide (one for adolescents and one for the general public), fact sheets (ex. Correlation of self esteem/body image/security and mental health), more in depth information about each person in the film along with other stories from warriors in the project. Viewings will begin in Dane County, Wisconsin and will be expanded throughout the state in 2017 and a goal to spread throughout the US in 2018.

More info about the project can be found on the official Kickstarter page!

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Thank you all of the Kickstarter supporters who made this possible!!

  • Anna Desai
  • Shan Trussoni
  • Nisha Baliga
  • Natalie Pohorski
  • Betsy Hinze
  • Lea Ann Wackett
  • Allison Salmon
  • Roxan Guggenmos
  • Jamie Gurgul
  • Jessica Cozart
  • Erica Falk-Huzar
  • Krista Nelson & James Dahm
  • Meg Rothstein
  • Mary Donohoo
  • Tina Hallis
  • Mary Jane Connor
  • Kathryn Weenig
  • Jennifer Grabon
  • Colleen Rooney
  • Kusha Kevin
  • Sara Meredith
  • Alison Beyer
  • Steve Ebuka Amaefuna
  • Roberta Kempthorne
  • Mallory Shotwell
  • TinaRayh
  • Jenny Fischer
  • Katrina Kluemein
  • Ellen Tangel
  • Barbara Boustead
  • Michelle Riehn
  • Stacy Stone
  • Samantha Engelhart
  • Austin Kayser
  • Morgan Engelhart
  • Betsy
  • Haley Engelhart
  • Laura Minero
  • Carrie Headley
  • Kate Llaurado
  • CJ Johnson
  • Annette Leach
  • Alicia Tribune
  • Tagni Li Moncada
  • Meg Marie
  • Ronni Levine
  • Katherine Bice
  • Matzuhiko Peksov
  • Sarah Artz
  • Emily Locke
  • Heidi Hakseth
  • Dorcas Akinniyi Jansen
  • Lindsay
  • Mary
  • Dani Marie
  • Nikki Cook
  • Crystal Hester
  • Jessica Wackett
  • Cassandra Burrington
  • Victoria Curtin
  • Jamie Healy
  • Ashley Biser
  • James Landowski
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  • Mike Calabrese
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  • Matthew J. Schroeder

Your support means more than we could ever say!