I Choose Love

Tell your body
I love you
Even when you hate it.
When you don’t believe
That love could exist
For this mold of you
That causes so much
Force the lie
Out of your teeth
And sit with it.
Look at the skin
The rolls
The marks
That force you to
Skip meals
Seek refuge in
Hide in bathrooms
Lean over toilets
Make food the enemy.
The reason why
You are always running back
To him.
The evidence
That you deserve this life
Of pain
Of desperation
Of loss.
Because you are nothing
Without being skinny.
Or at least
That is what he tells you
Over and over again.
Who do you believe?
Who controls your path?
How will you leave
Your mark on this earth?
Will it be the skeleton
Buried beneath the ground
That was forced to suffer
Before it finally gave up?
Or will it be
The person who
Looked the devil in the eye
And made it out alive?
You get to decide.