I Want Out

I can’t take it anymore

At my face you keep slamming the door

I am so tired and worn out

I find myself opening a window trying to shout

You’ve drag me far too many miles

There are no happy loving smiles

The pain you’ve caused me has ripped me apart

How is it that you of all people seem to have no heart

Walking by you I stare into the ground

Hoping you’ll not notice me and turn around

One day you’ll kill me with your fists

Maybe it’s true I won’t be missed

I feel so miserable like I’m in this world as a ghost

It’s horrible to feel so alone and fear the most

The names you call me dig forever within my soul

I so imagine a day that you’ll just let me go

How in the world can I look up from the ground to eventually see

That you'll leave me alone to not destroy anyone else as you have me

Why do so many people around me just pass me by and overlook

 The destructive power you've done unto me; for I'm not the pages in your book

When will you finally turn around and let go and leave me alone

For hopefully your behavior will take you off your thrown

You’ve tossed me to the ground and tore my body to pieces

I think to myself and hope that the pain decreases

I can’t take this anymore

Leave me alone I scream in agony as I shout

Please, just leave me alone I'm done I want out



Written and Copyrights By: Deanna M. Culver

May 15, 2014/Rewritten August 20, 2016