Through the Rain of Daylight

It's raining and raining

Tears keepa falling

Pain is deep within my chest

Without your smile nothings zest

Missing you wondering where'd you go

For you'll never be far from my mind, heart, and soul

Your silent voice must've been screaming like thunder

I wish I understood all the pain you were under

As the cool breeze whispers I love you with hugs

I'm sitting broken hearted listening to music with my earplugs

Daylight sounds through the calm misty rain often brings chirping birds

Makes me think of all your unspoken kindful action words

While green trees flourish back and forth

I wish you were still here to understand you've always had such great worth

Soft as the wind continues to blow by

Clouds form shapes we visualize

Maybe the one I see is you shaped as a new angel with beautiful wings and a mended heart

Flowing through the sky on your way to Gods heavenly home with a new start

The shaped clouds I see are of you saying you're finally at peace

No more confusion, no more stress, no more pain but a cease

You'll be so very missed

Until we meet again

Rest in Peace Today, Tomorrow, and Always sending you lots of hugs and kisses on your journey to heaven

Written By Deanna Culver June 23, 2017

Dedicated to My Loved Ones