1-on-1 Coaching

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In a world riddled with chaos and overwhelming societal pressures to perform, it is easy to feel as though you are getting lost in the shuffle and wonder how your life is aligning with your true authentic self. Shame, guilt and fear are powerful forces that can lead us to an overflowing, busy and yet stuck life forcing us to wear a mask as we perform our part each day. We begin to exist rather than thrive and feel weak for not being able to unchain ourselves from these insidious controllers. Letting go of these pieces is not easy BUT it is possible and oftentimes, requires us to be vulnerable enough to ASK for help, knowing we are not alone in this fight to uncover and reclaim our true selves. Interested in creating more awareness around your life - values, passion, fears, vulnerabilities? I cant promise you it will be easy - it requires work, trust and patience. But I will walk beside you and help you sort through these different pieces and experiences that have consumed you. I will ask you the hard questions and work through the muck with you as you take bold and courageous steps towards living a more intentional and authentic life. You already have the power, it is just my job to help you tap into it. 

Coaching can be provided in person, over the phone or electronically - whatever works best for you.

Note: Before providing any coaching, we will "meet"  (phone call or Skype/Facetime) for a FREE 30 minute consultation in order for us to determine if we are the right fit for each other. It is important we have a sense of trust and vulnerability between us in order to be successful in our work together. If we get together and determine we are not the right fit, I would be happy to help you get matched up with someone who might work better for you.

Interested in working together?

Fill out this interest questionnaire helping me learn a bit more about what you are looking for, etc and I will be in touch to set up a consultation call/chat within 48 hours.