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Until now, the notion of beauty has been designed for us based on the culture we live in. Through this culturally encapsulated construct, we have found ourselves in a never-ending chase to reach some mysterious goal that allows us to feel comfortable saying “I AM Beautiful”. But the truth is, the notion of beauty as it exists right now in the media and other outlets is unattainable in that it tries to put people into a predetermined box of beauty. It dismisses the uniqueness that is each of us, in our own body, are already beautiful. We all have the RIGHT to acknowledge our own beauty because we are all equally and undoubtedly beautiful. We DESERVE to feel truly joyful and prideful in our own skin as we think about what we have all been able to overcome, take on and endure throughout our lives. It is each of us, in our raw and unfiltered state, that represents the epitome of beauty and it is time for you to join me in this fight and exert our power to redefine the word to encompass each and every one of us.

#ReclaimBeauty Warrior Project

The main facet of the program is the #ReclaimBeauty Warrior Project. Please take a minute tocelebrate and view all of our brave warriors. To see the other extensions of the project, look below!

Extensions of the Project

 Photo from Open Mic event at Winedown; 2016

Community Events

In collaboration with local businesses and artists, we are committed to bringing pop up events throughout the Madison community and beyond to allow the intersection of a variety of art forms as we come together to explore and celebrate our own unique beauty. For more information on past and upcoming events, click below.


Read some of the testimonials from participants, viewers, and supporters of the project to see what this has been to them and their loved ones!


Warriors through Writing

As we all know, the story goes much deeper than what's on the surface and part of the healing process in this journey comes from being able to put our stories out into the world, whether they be stories of regret, bullying, shame, guilt, or celebration, to allow them to become a part of you but no longer have so much control or pull over you. Whether in the form of prose, poetry, song lyrics, etc - your story deserves to be told and through your courage, you can help ignite a spark in others to join us in our fight.

Interested in sharing your story? Email me at to share your thoughts and ideas - we can't wait to share your story!


Social Media Project

This project started with courageous individuals sending in an UNFILTERED black and white photograph of one or both of the following – their face, close up and without make-up AND/OR a part of your body that they have not yet learned to love in its entirety. Accompanying each photograph is one word used to describe their feelings in response to taking or sharing the picture. Click the link below to check out the gallery of submissions and contact me today if you want to get involved