5-Senses Kit Community Connection Project

Be a part of the change in our community by helping us create and distribute 250 5-senses kits in the greater Madison area!


What is a 5-senses kit?

Our senses are really powerful & are easily activated when we are distressed and anxious. They are also powerful input sources to harness in managing our stress and anxiety through sensory grounding techniques. By putting together a kit with tools to soothe each of our 5 senses, we can actively work to bring ourselves down from high activation points and feel relaxed.

What's Included?

  • Zippered Pouch
  • Card with Information on kits, calming techniques, and resources
  • Calming tool for each of the 5 senses - sight, sound, smell, touch, taste
    • Taste: chapstick; gum; mints; ginger candies; tea sachet; cinnamon stick; jolly rancher, etc
    • See: stickers or photos of vibrant colors, animals, etc; dried flowers, art magnets; guided meditation; coloring page; meditation; fortune tellers, etc
    • Hear: sand or rice in small container; pop-it toy; little bell or chime, etc
    • Smell: essential oils; perfumes; little candle; sachet of coffee or prepared cake mix; cotton balls in essential oil; etc
    • Touch: stress ball; little stone; fidgets; bubbles; bubble wrap; slap bracelet; marble; etc

Learn More About Kits here

How Can You Help?

  1. Donate your old bags and pouches to be repurposed
  2. Purchase and donate any of the above items to be added into the pouches or pushes themselves
  3. Share photos or items that bring you joy that can be used in other bags to connect with others
  4. Take time to write mantras or positive affirmations on cards/strips to be added into the bags
  5. Make a monetary donation  to be used for supplies, business cards and postage costs

Interested in being a part of the change? Contact Kyira Hauer at info@kindakreative.com today!

Download the Flyer to Help Spread The Word
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