Hello! My name is Kyira Wackett.

I'm a creator and explorer seeking to unlock the beauty of the world around me. I aim to live as intentionally and authentically as possible and think curiosity is the best place from which to approach life.

As a public speaker, artist and therapist, I believe the beauty is in the experience of the journey and revel in every opportunity I get to connect with someone in my community for connection breeds expansion and the more we expand our worlds the better we can support each other.

And while I believe learning about credentials are a vital part of uncovering the skills of an individual and whether or not you want to work with them, I think even more crucial is getting to know someone's personality and getting a feel for how you mesh with them.  As such, welcome to my website - my form of self expression.

I built this space on the notion of being able to share and invite people along on my journey towards self exploration and hopefully inspire others to take a deeper look at themselves and build momentum to start living the life they want.

Credentials are here but I hope more than that, you take a bit of time to get to know me and hopefully find a few seeds to plant for yourself to help you continue in your own journey as well.